Stone Conducts Electricity

There are two things that I regret about the Allen Stone concert: The first is not getting there early, and the second is not being a big enough Allen Stone fan. Let me explain…

It’s 7pm on a Sunday night, and we’re just making our way into the city – the concert starts at 8.
My cousin, Kyle tells me that his friend is already at the Metro Theatre, and has managed to take a photo with Allen Stone!.

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Whatup, Player?

“Whatup, Player?”, Garcia asked over the phone, “What’s doin’ tonight?”.

“I’m heading over to the jams tonight, do you want to come with?” I asked, hopefully. It was 8pm on a Monday night, so the chances for a positive response were slim.

“Nah, I’ve got the early shift tomorrow morning, I was just wondering if you wanted to get a feed?”, he asked. Garcia would have had to be up at 3am the next morning. I was surprised that he was still awake.

“Sorry, bro – I’m already in the city. Plus I might be here ’til late”, I replied. I didn’t have to start work as early as him, so I often rationalised that I could go to the jams and still get enough sleep before work the next day.

“Don’t you have work tomorrow morning?”, he stated. He knew I did; he was challenging my faulty logic.

“Yeah, I might just go straight back to work after it finishes and then just sleep in my car until I have to start in the morning”, I answered, jokingly. But was actually considering it.
A couple hours of sleep would be enough to sustain me for a whole 8 hour shift, right?.

“You’re crazy, dude…”, he remarked.

“Yeah, I know…”

Mondayitis has taken on a completely different meaning for me.

I’ve got a brand new Jones ..

Thicke, R. (2003). “Brand New Jones”. Recorded by Robin Thicke. NUAMERICA/Interscope Records

I wanted to clear everything and start again; I think I only had a few hundred people following me and a few thousand posts, but I feel like I needed a change. 

So in other words, ”I’ve got a brand new Jones”. 

"Jones" in this case, being this new blog. 
I believe that the original meaning of the song had sexual connotations, but I mean no sexual innuendo by it. So you can take this post in whatever way you like. (..and that’s what she said).


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